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This Dude Wants To Run a Super Bowl Ad AGAINST Pitbull Adoption

I almost don't want to even give this dude a platform for the message, but it infuriates me SO much that I had to share.

An attorney named Kenneth Phillips is peddling an ad DISCOURAGING people from adopting pit bulls, pigeonholing them as dangerous animals who viciously attack humans.

He wanted to run the ad during Super Bowl LII in a couple of weeks, but thankfully the cost of a Super Bowl ad (about $5 million) kept him from doing so.

As an owner of a dog that's part pit and maybe the sweetest animal I've ever been around, nothing makes me more angry than someone promoting the narrative that pit bulls are these mindless, crazed people-killers.  Many of them are bred to be aggressive, and they are INCREDIBLY large and powerful dogs, but they are not naturally aggressive towards humans.  IT'S NOT THE BREED, IT'S THE OWNER.  


Thankfully, Twitter is crushing this dude and coming to the table with some SUPER intimidating pit bull pics....

Pit bulls are awesome.  This dude is not.

Adopt a pit bull or donate to a local pit rescue like Nashville PITTIE.

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