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People Are Shaming Chris Pratt For....Eating Meat?

First off, I would like to say that I'm not normally one to stand up for celebrities.  Part of being famous is understanding that everything you say or do will be put under a microscope for everyone to examine and share their opinions on.  It's not fair, but it IS part of this starstruck culture that we live in.

That said, people need to CHILL THE F OUT on Chris Pratt right now.

A little backstory....last week Chris posted an Instagram post of a bunch of meat, which he goes on to explain is from a well-loved animal from his farm

While most people accepted it for what it is...a handful of commenters were just DISGUSTED by the fact that Chris was displaying his...

Carnivorism, I guess?

  • liberationist Mmmm yummy if only it was dog. I love hanging my dogs up by their feet and punching them until they cough up blood first, makes me feel manly and strong before I bbq them, I spent time in Asia so dog meat is like bacon to me.
  • clarissa_cloverAnimal killer. How do you raise them and take care of them, and then kill them! #disgusting
  • _havanal_@my_paperback_life humans are not carnivores. Lions are. Eating meat is wrong and pointless. You can get all the nutrition you need to be healthy from plants. We are meant to eat plants not animals. If you like eating animals so much, go eat your dog.

Oh, but that's not all....Chris posted a video with his SON....his freaking CHILD!!!!

And people are still going in on him for eating meat.

  • _wonderemporiumYou thinking that you’re doing something “good” by killing innocent sentient beings is just about as delusional as your belief if a man that lives in the sky.

Dude, SERIOUSLY!?!?!

Let's have a little chat...

Look, I understand that there are plenty of people that don't eat meat.  That's a lifestyle choice, and I won't judge you for it.  So WHY YA GOTTA JUDGE SOMEBODY for not sharing your opinions?

It's like...okay, let's say you really like Game of Thrones.  Well, I don't.  Does that make me a bad person because I don't like a TV show? I certainly hope not.  Nor do I think it makes you a bad person if you do like it.  Everybody, CHILL.

Chris raises his own animals in what appears to be a totally ethical and humane way, and then uses them to provide for his family.  Which we as a species have been doing for THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of years.  So you don't agree with his choice to eat meat? Who cares? Is he doing anything illegal? Nope. Is he doing anything that millions of other people worldwide don't do? Nope. So WHY DO YOU CARE?

Seriously guys, there's a lot of messed up stuff in the world.  It'd be a lot more pleasant place if people would just worry about themselves and their families and stop judging other people's lifestyles.  Unless it's directly affecting you, chill out and carry on.

Also, I eat meat so feel free to attack me for the horrible carnivorous human being that I am.

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