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FINALLY a Mario Kart app is coming to your phone!

Last year, Pokemon GO took over the world for about 7 minutes.  I played one time and then realized I didn't care, so that was that.

THIS app announcement though has got me SHOOK.

Mario Kart is FINALLY coming to your smartphone!

Y'all....THIS IS EXCITING NEWS. Mario Kart is my jam, and I can beat anyone at it (except my wife, who I'm convinced cheats even though I've never been able to prove it).

Now, here's what we don't know. 

Literally anything.  Nintendo just said that it's releasing sometime before March 2019, which is super vague and not at all helpful.  We don't know if it'll be free or paid and we know NOTHING about how it'll work.  Honestly, though, it doesn't matter.  I will buy it.

There IS one thing I'm a little worried about, though.

Remember Super Mario Run? Nintendo's first foray into the smartphone world didn't turn out so well once people realized that the "free" app ended after one level, at which point you had to pay to keep playing the game.

The internet doesn't seem to have forgotten that disaster

Let's hope Nintendo learned from that fiasco and offers a better game without all the pay walls this time around.


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