This Play-by-Play of a Failed Burglary Attempt Will Make You LOL

97.3 KIRO is a news radio station in Seattle, Washington that also airs all the of the Seattle Seahawks games.  Late last night, a man tried to break into a vehicle outside the radio station....with a mop handle.

Thankfully, surveillance cameras caught the whole debacle, and they were able to get local sportscaster John Curley to offer a dramatic play-by-play of the failed attempt.

Watch all the way through - the best part is about 1:45 in!!'s the questions.  IS IT REAL? It's pretty easy to create a fake surveillance video, and it IS pretty ironic that the attempt lasts a total of 2 minutes....which is exactly how long a video on Twitter can be.  

That said, KIRO is claiming that they didn't even know about the attempt until an engineer pulled the tapes.

My question though is, WHY did the engineer pull the tapes this morning? If there was no reason to believe anything exciting happened at the station overnight, why would he/she randomly scour hours of overnight video footage and pull this?

I have questions...but staged or not this video is BRILLIANT...and the internet agrees.

A round of applause to our radio brethren in Seattle for posting a video that we will watch hundreds of times today instead of doing actual, honest to God, work.

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