Is Camila Cabello Going On Tour With Taylor Swift?

People are pretty salty around Nashville that Camila Cabello's just announced Never Be the Same tour is coming nowhere literally remotely close to Nashville (St. Louis is the closest and it's a good 6-hour drive)

But Camilizers are speculating that there may be a bigger play...and that Camila might be Taylor Swift's opening act on her summer stadium tour.

And when you put the puzzle pieces together it sort of makes sense!

It's no secret that Camila is a VIP member of Taylor's squad...the two are known to be very close friends.

But fans have done some research and learned that Taylor and Camila's tour dates (even the European ones) line up conveniently well.

Basically, Camila's US tour ends just days before Taylor's US tour begins, and they just so happen to be touring in Europe during the same time frame, in very geographically close locations, but with NO overlapping dates.

Couple that with the fact that Camila has a wide open schedule during the 2nd part of the reputation tour, and it's hard to argue their logic.

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