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Best Buy May Have Just Officially Killed the CD

Not that you're buying a ton of CDs anyway, but if you are you're going to have to start looking a little harder for them.

Earlier this month, Best Buy quietly announced that, as of July 1st, they would no longer be offering CDs in their stores.

This follows similar announcements made by K-Mart in 2016, and there's a rumor that Target may soon join them.

While the 90s kid in me is a little sad to see CDs go the way of cassette tapes, the move is unsurprising considering the decline in physical music sales over the past several years with the emergence of digital music providers.

In 2017, the top selling album was Taylor Swift's reputation, which sold just a shade under 2 million copies.  Only one other album, Ed Sheeran's divide, reached "platinum" status for a million physical copies sold.  Compare that to 2007, when Josh Groban sold over 3 million copies.  And if you want to go back even further, the #1 album of the year in 1997 was Spice World from the Spice Girls, which racked up a whopping 5.5 million physical copies sold and a Hanson Christmas album went platinum.

Still, Target alone sold nearly half a million copies of Taylor's album last year, and if they follow Best Buy and clear out their physical music departments, album sales are sure to see another huge decline.

Besides, where will Taylor buy her next album and meet fans if Target isn't carrying them anymore?

RIP to the CD.  But hey, vinyl made a comeback, so maybe that wall of CDs from the 2000s will be worth something one day?

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