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No, People Are NOT Getting Beat Up at the "Black Panther" Movie

From the "OMG do we really have to explain this" department...NO, people are not getting beat up at the Black Panther premiere.

Because the internet ruins everything nice, a few trolls are posting fake or re-purposed pictures claiming that they were jumped at the premiere for the movie for racial reasons.

FYI, that picture is of the ex-wife of a former White House Staffer, shared earlier this month by the Washington Post

The video that account used is from a Korean pop duo.

Several other accounts have posted fake pictures, and have since been suspended by Twitter.

Thankfully, most of the internet is smarter than this, but people are outraged as to what these fake tweets even represent.

Look, guys, there's enough terrible stuff going on in the world that we do NOT need to ruin what could be the biggest movie of the year with unnecessary racial tension.  Not to mention that using pictures of battered women to troll the internet is flat out shameful. 

So, I repeat, and it's stupid that we even have to say this, but YES, the Black Panther movie is safe for everyone, and no people are not getting jumped   

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