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Nashville Strip Club "Selling" AR-15

The press surrounding Deja Vu Gentleman's Club isn't always positive.  Just a couple weeks ago, there was negative press surrounding their Valentine's Day "Cheater's Special".

However, thanks to our friends at WSMV Channel 4, the club is getting some more positive press...for trying to make a difference, albeit in a unique way that only they can.

Yep, a couple of dancers have decided to set up shop to "sell" an AR-15 - they type of weapon used in the Parkland shooting last week - for $1,100.

Their sign says "Couch Dances: $15 | AR-15 $1,100"

To be fair, they're not ACTUALLY selling either of these products at a table outside, but instead trying to prove a point.

According to dancer "Mary Jane", to become a dancer at their club, you have to "get a background check, fingerprinted, and show two passport photos".  In Tennessee, there are significantly less barriers to purchase a weapon such as an AR-15.

What they're doing, according to MNPD, would be considered totally legal under the current law, as private gun sales are not nearly as regulated as retail sales.  They're hoping that the demonstration incites people to think about a change in those laws.

For more from WSMV Channel 4, click here

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