Here's How Bad the Flooding is in Louisville, Kentucky

Before I moved to Nashville in 2015, I lived just a few hours away in Louisville, Kentucky.  Needless to say I have quite a few friends there still, and this video is being shared by a bunch of people I know.

We've had a ton of rain over the past few weeks, but Louisville has gotten it even worse, especially with the storms over the weekend.  Wanna see just how bad it is? Watch this video of a deer on the loose outside the Galt House Hotel downtown.

As a reference point, while the Galt House does have river-view rooms, the area where the deer lands is NOT usually water.  It's River Road, which runs under the interstate and up against the Ohio River.

Thank God in this case water was there and the deer was able to land safely and swim away as opposed to jumping onto a busy road. Still, the video shows just how bad the flooding is just a few hours north of us.

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