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The First Documented Color Photo Taken in Tennessee Is Of.....

In a world dominated by selfies, face filters, and HD pictures, it's easy to lose sight of just how far photography has come in a super short time.

In my weekend of sleepless nights, I found an article displaying the first color photos documented in each state.

FWIW, there are probably color pictures that were taken before this one...but this is the first one on official record.

What do you think the first color pic taken in Tennessee was? The Ryman? Printers Alley? Somewhere in the mountains?

Remember color photography started to become mainstream in the mid-1900s.

Nope, the first color picture taken in Tennessee was....::drum roll please::

A factory.

Library of Congress/Wolcott, Marion Post

Compelling, right? All of the historic areas in the state...and a factory holds the distinction as our first color photo. The above picture was snapped in 1939, by the way.


There's some cool pics taken from our neighboring states though.

For example, in Alabama it's the Skyview Drive-in Theatre, a shot taken in 1979.

Library of Congress/Margolies, John

And in Kentucky, it's a farm near Lexington (taken in 1940)

Library of Congress/Marion Post

Wanna see more of the first pictures from every state? Check out the full 50 here

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