Millennial Goes On A Rant Against Past Generations

We are in one of the most divisive time periods in human history, and so often everyone is looking for someone else to blame.  At the center of those conversations, in so many cases, are "millennials", often blamed by older generations for being lazy, spoiled, or aloof.

Apparently, a reddit user that goes by irrationalliberal has had enough of that perception, and went on a rant that's since gone viral.

While some of the exact stats here might not be totally accurate, the overarching theme of the post is that older generations laid the groundwork for a lot of the problems that plague society today and are so quickly blamed on millennials.

Read through the post and let us know what you think.  Does she make a good point? Or is this just another example of refusal to accept accountability?

Reddit user: irrationalliberal

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