Wendy's Dropped a Mixtape And You're Definitely Curious About It

Continuing one of the best re-brands in history, Wendy's has cemented their "cool fast food restaurant" image even further by dropping a mixtape.

Yep, really.  Mixtapes aren't just for Drake and Post Malone now.

We Beefin' is basically an extension of Wendy's tradition of bashing their competitors, specifically McDonald's and Burger King.

One of the lines is "You No. 1? That's a joke / Why your ice cream machine always broke?"     

The mixtape is available on Apple Music and Spotify and includes iconic fast food anthems like "4 for $4", "Twitter Fingers", and "Rest in Grease".

Oh, and bonus - as dumb as this is, it's not the worst piece of rap music you've ever heard.  The rapper, who they call Queen Wendy, has a little bit of a Nicki Minaj vibe and it doesn't TOTALLY suck.

Now the question is...will other fast food joints follow suit? Will McDonald's clap back with a diss track of their own? Will Taco Bell fire off a burger-free work of art? Will Chick Fil A release an album that can't be downloaded on Sundays? Only time will tell, but for now Wendy's is the queen of food-based hip-hop culture. Check out the full mixtape below and don't even ACT like you're not a little bit intrigued.

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