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This Disney Bracket Is Tearing the Internet Apart

Okay, let's be honest, your basketball bracket sucks.

Don't lie to me.  You did NOT have Loyola-Chicago anywhere close to the finals.

But the bracket that's causing even more stress right now is this Disney bracket that is BLOWING UP on Twitter right now.

Look the first round is pretty easy for the most part.  The Lion King vs. Tarzan? Come on, we all know who's winning that battle and it's NOT Tarzan.

By the time you get to the final eight or the final four, though, IT GETS REAL.

So here's my bracket - I'll explain my thought process below.

First round wasn't super hard for me.  Nightmare Before Christmas vs. Beauty and the Beast is tough, but I've grown to appreciate Nightmare so much as I've gotten older that I had to give it the nod.

On to the second round.  A couple of tough decisions:

Monsters Inc. vs. The Incredibles - Incredibles is just a really good movie, but I feel like Monsters Inc is a little more quotable, which is why it wins here.  That's a weird criterion, but I'm going to come back to it later.  

Aladdin vs. The Little Mermaid - 8-year old me had a crush on Ariel, so it was hard to pick Aladdin over her, but honestly the music is what makes the difference.  Short of Lion King, I think this is the best O.G. Disney soundtrack.  "Prince Ali"? "A Whole New World?" COME ON, it doesn't get any better than that. Oh, and also, Robin Williams.

The next round, the Final 8, was where it got REALLY tough. I'm still not sure about taking Nightmare Before Christmas over Aladdin, but I think at the end of the day, while the latter was a big part of my childhood, adult me still watches Nightmare on Netflix and I can't look past that.  

That said, in my Final Four, I had to lean towards The Lion King.  I probably saw that movie in theaters 10 times, can still quote the whole movie, and still can't wait to be king.  So as much as adult me loves Jack the Skeleton King, Simba gets my vote.

FINALS: Toy Story vs. Lion King.  This one WRECKED me.  But going back to my earlier criteria, I gave Toy Story the edge as the more quotable movie.  Loved Lion King more as a kid, but feel like Toy Story still comes up more in adult conversations and is more relatable to me NOW.  But OH MY GOD that was a stressful decision.

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