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This YouTuber Says Ariana Grande was Rude...But WAS She?

Ariana Grande has gotten a bad reputation in the past for being a little "diva-esque" since her rise to superstardom.  That said, it kind of seemed like she had turned a corner recently and I can't help but root for her.

But, according to Instagram + YouTube star James Charles, Ariana is "the rudest celebrity he's ever met".

But here's the issue...the incident that he's so upset about? Honestly I don't understand why it's a big deal.

So, James is a makeup artist, the first male spokesperson for Cover Girl, and a YouTube star with over 3 million subscribers. In his latest video, posted on March 30th, two friends (Shane and Ryland) ask "Who is the rudest celebrity you've ever met?"

Without hesitation, James' answer....Ariana Grande

If you have any knowledge of Ariana's past reputation, that might not be a surprising answer. BUT, when you really dig into the story (which starts at 10:58 in the video), it seems a little....I don't know...petty?

Evidently, at one point Ariana followed James, and upon seeing that he posted a bunch of videos from her concert, she DMed him

I really like Ariana. I just had a really crappy experience with her. I went to her show here in LA. I posted a bunch of videos from the night and she had DMed me like "Thank you for coming!" She was so sweet. I was like, "Love you the most ever in the world!" She followed me and DMed me. She was like, "I wish I knew you were coming. I would've loved to have you backstage.

At the time, James was dealing with fallout from a few comments that he made, including a bad joke about contracting Ebola from a visit to Africa.

When Ariana's fans found out that she was following him, they launched a tirade of angry tweets and insults in his direction.  Ultimately, Ariana unfollowed him, and when he DMed her to ask why, she responded:

Hey babe. I just saw a lot of angry tweets from my fans. I would never want to disappoint them, so I unfollowed.

Wait, so THAT'S it!?!?! She's the "rudest celebrity you've ever met" because she unfollowed you? I get the sentiment. Her fans shouldn't have bullied you on Twitter...but you also shouldn't have said what you said. Did they take it too far? Probably. But that's not Ariana's fault! SHE didn't bully you.  SHE didn't even publicly acknowledge the negative stories about you. She literally clicked "unfollow", and as someone with a HUGE brand to protect, it's totally within her right to decide that following you was bad for her image.

If that makes her "the rudest celebrity" then either a) you haven't met very many celebrities or b) you have an unrealistic expectation of how people should behave.

Honestly, I stand with Ariana on this one.  What do you think? Comment below! 

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