[PODCAST]: Off the Air with James TW in Nashville

I decided to try something new today.  You know, it's Music City and so often we have these incredible new artists come in to the studio to hang out. It's always cool but sometimes ultimately unfulfilling, because in Top 40 radio we're constantly taught that everything has to be short. Attention spans are tiny and we have to "move quickly" and "keep the music going". 

It's not a bad thing, but so often we're focused on that mantra that we fail to really capture the story of an artist.  They're trained into robotic answers about who wrote their songs, what their craziest tour stories are, and who their influences are.  You've heard the same answers from a hundred different artists on a hundred different radio stations.

So, being Music City, I wanted to be different, and since we had an opportunity to hang out with a super-talented artist named James TW today...well, what better way to kick this series off.

You may be somewhat familiar with James already.  He opened for Shawn Mendes on tour last year, and his lead single "When You Love Someone" has amassed over 10 million views on YouTube.

James is currently on tour with Andy Grammer, and before his show at the Cannery tonight he stopped by to hang out for a bit and play his new single "Say Love".

Check out the full off the air segment and James' acoustic performance of "Say Love" below

Is this gonna be a podcast series? Honestly, I don't know.  Might be.  Might not be.  Hopefully you guys enjoyed our conversation and want more like it.  Either way, a big shout out to James for stopping by and hanging out and talking music a little bit. Buy "Say Love" on iTunes and make sure you check out more music from James on iHeartRadio.

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