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This 9-Year Old's Cartoon Captions Will Give You Life

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the future President of the United States...Alice the 9-year old.

Comedian Bess Kalb introduced us to her 9-year old cousin Alice, who has secretly been doing the New Yorker's caption contest for months...and is OWNING it.

Just scroll through LOOK at some of this masterful comedy gold!

How much do you LOVE the last one? "The air is good out here"       

Or, even better, my personal favorite: "looks like you have a case of the gumdrops".

It's such a Dad joke, but it's so good!!!!

Needless to say, Twitter is obsessed with Alice, who apparently is also an amazing kid who loves her little brother.

Let me say, on behalf of everyone in the world, thank you for existing, Alice.

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