New Coffee Shop With A Twist Opening in Nashville

The Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood is one of the fastest growing areas of Nashville. It's so trendy it got a nickname (WeHo). It's home to tons of art studios and galleries, local staples like Santa's Pub and Gabby's, and new hotspots like Bastion. 

And now, it's getting a coffee shop with a cool twist.

Launched in 2008 by nonprofit Harvest Hands, Humphreys Street Coffee already brews coffee for shops all around town, and their new location offers something that no one else does. The shop is staffed by high school students from low-income areas, and the profits are then re-invested to programs and scholarships for those same areas.

Cool, right?

Learn more about what Humphreys Street has already been doing in the area here:

And get ready for the new location to open up at 424 Humphreys Street this summer!

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