A Passenger on Today's Tragic Southwest Flight Shared TERRIFYING Pics

A Southwest flight had to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia after an engine exploded mid-air and knocked out a window on the plane.

One person has died, although it's unclear at this time (5:00 CST) what caused the fatality.  Another passenger was drawn out towards the outside of the plane, but other passengers were able to pull her back in.

One passenger, Marty Martinez, shared some TERRIFYING pics and videos on Facebook, with the caption "Something is wrong with our plane! It appears we are going down! Emergency landing!! Southwest Flight from NYC to Dallas!!"

Southwest confirmed the incident and it is currently being classified as an "Engine failure", although more details won't be released until a full NTSB investigation is concluded.

Martinez also shared some pics of the cabin and the damage, which happened just a few seats away from where he was sitting.

I've flown hundreds of times and have thankfully never had an incident, but between this and the 60 Minutes expose of Alleigant Airlines, maybe I'll drive the next time I go somewhere   

Thoughts and prayers to the family of the victim, and kudos to the flight crew for getting the airplane back safely on the ground with no further tragedy.

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