Waffle House Shooter Had Previous Problems in Tennessee

Travis Reinking had previous issues in Tennessee before he murdered four people at an Antioch Waffle House on Sunday morning.

New reports show that police were called to an incident involving Reinking at a hotel in Alcoa, Tennessee (in the eastern part of the state).

A woman staying at a hotel claims that Reinking charged at her in her hotel room following an alteraction.  In the body cam video, Reinking explains that he did yell at the woman but he never charged her. The woman, Samantha Valas, said she heard Reinking yelling and had asked him to be quiet so she could get her children to sleep, at which point he allegedly charged her.

No charges were filed in the incident, but it has to lead to the question - HOW DID THIS GUY SLIP THROUGH THE CRACKS? 

He trespassed on White House Property with a weapon, was on the radar of the ATF and Illinois State Police, had a history of violent behavior and mental illness, had an incident with police in our own state, and STILL somehow had automatic weapons and was basically left alone in an apartment in Antioch. I just can't help to think that someone somewhere could've prevented what happened on Sunday morning.

For the full story from Newschannel 5, click here

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