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Boring Celebrity Encounters Are My Favorite Thing on the Internet

I don't know who John Moe is (apparently he's a stand-up comedian), but he started a Twitter trend that's quickly become one of my favorite things on the internet...Boring Celebrity Encounters.

Let's face it, we all think that every celebrity encounter is this flashy Instagram experience. Or that they'll look perfect, act perfect, or float on some magical cloud of money.  But we all forget that celebrities (outside of maybe the Kardashians) are just normal human beings that do everyday stuff like we do.

Especially here in Nashville where you're just as likely to run into Keith Urban somewhere as you are your neighbor Fred.

Anyway, John's tweet has gone viral, and some of these responses are GOLD.

One more for Dolly, who's very popular in these replies

Okay, so here's mine (I have two that are not related to my job).

1. Before I got into radio, I sold computers at Best Buy.  I think this was maybe 2002.  I sold a computer to Brad Arnold, the lead singer from 3 Doors Down, and his wife.  He was very nice and bought an extended warranty, which was cool.

2. On a late night flight from Atlanta to Nashville, Reba was on my flight.  I did a little bit of a double take because I thought "No way is Reba flying Delta at 10:30 at night"...but she was. She sat first class and from what I could tell was very polite.

Nashvillians - I KNOW you have some random encounters.  Whatcha got?

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