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I Almost Broke My Nose In Front of Famous People

Earlier today we had our good friends Echosmith in our Acceptance Auto Insurance Lounge.  First, and most importantly, they're INCREDIBLE.  And if you're not hip to their new song "Over My Head", you should be, because it's a work of art.

Second of all, they bore witness to one of my most embarrassing public moments ever.

The band got here around 11:15 and went in to start sound checking.  At that point, Robin (our awesome promotions director) was setting up our step and repeat.

For those of you who don't know, a step and repeat is that giant 100 square foot backdrop that we use for pictures.  You see them on Hollywood red carpets all the time.

Anyway, as Robin was setting up the step and repeat, I needed to go get a key out of my office.  The back of the step and repeat is sort of a lattice pattern, so I was trying to navigate the gaps between poles.  And, well, I didn't navigate so well.

I FACE-PLANTED.  And not like, "Oh I tripped and had a little tumble".  Like, a full-blown NOSEDIVE into our not super well-padded carpeting.

Like this guy, except I wasn't doing anything athletic other than just walking.

So, mind you, Echosmith is ON OUR STAGE sound checking at this time.  Everybody stops to see if I'm okay, which of course because I'm embarrassed I just say "Yeah, fine!"

Except, I guess I wasn't because my nose started bleeding all over the place.    

So here I am, bleeding, in front of famous people, and obviously mortified.  There's blood on my forehead and my cheek, and there's a very real part of me that thinks my nose actually might be broken.

But I can't leave, because look, I'm the PROGRAM DIRECTOR of the station, and what a crappy look if I leave right before they perform.

So I wipe myself off, stop the bleeding on my nose, and suck it up.

It's worth it, because ECHOSMITH DOES NOT DISAPPOINT and they crushed it on stage.

The saga doesn't end there though.  In the middle of the second song I realize I'm starting to sweat, and feel a little nauseous.  Not sure what's going on, but I have to step back into another room to sit down for a minute.  Robin to the rescue...she brings me some water and that perks me up enough to stand up and enjoy the rest of the set.  

Then comes the meet & greet.  I'm going to take my picture with Echosmith because I love them and literally only see them like once a year, so fine.  I'll suck it up and show off my giant red blob on my nose in a picture.

They all joke that "Hey, we should point at your nose".  I'm cool with this plan because if you can't make fun of yourself then what fun is life, right? Except Noah and Graham decide NOT to point at my nose.  So instead we have Noah and Graham looking dapper AF while Sydney points at my nose and I cringe while showing off my traumatic facial injury.

Thankfully, Echosmith are wonderful people who were very genuinely concerned about my health and well-being, and now they have a story to tell people later about how they watched a radio guy completely wipe out during their sound check.

Also, I don't think the nose is broken. But it hurts like a mother.

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