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Extreme Cutoff Jeans Are Here And They're Basically Not Pants

I'll admit that I am in no way a fashion expert.  I dress okay I guess, but me being "fashionable" went out the window a long time ago.

So maybe there's something here, that I'm not seeing, but the company Carmar is trending today because of their new "Extreme Cut Out Jeans", which are ALREADY SOLD OUT at $168 a pair.

So, they MUST be great, right?


So, basically, these "Fashionable" jeans are just a pair of pockets with a sliver of denim material...and they're $170!?!?!?

I mean, I'm not even gonna be the old man that sits here and says "it leaves nothing to the imagination" (although that's true).  To me it's just a waste of money!!

Most of the internet is, understandable, confused by everything.

And my personal favorite tweet....

But, hey, to each his own, and if you're into jeans that aren't actually jeans, have at it! Sign up for notifications about when the pants are available again here.

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