Got A Sunburn? Try This Trick To Heal Faster

With summer basically here, sunburns are going to be a thing again. If you don't have Aloe Vera handy, here's a trick that will help relieve your sunburn and help it heal faster.

According to the website Delish, milk is really all you need to relieve a sunburn. In an interview with dermatopathologist Dr. Adarsh Vijay Mudgil, he reveals that sunburn is more than just the redness and soreness.  The UV rays actually damages your DNA, which can cause skin cells to die

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Milk has a lot of attributes needed to help your skin heal faster and feel better.  A cold compress of milk helps cool your skin down, which relieves some pain.  The Vitamin A and Vitamin D in milk help the cells heal, and the lactic acid acts sort of like an exfoliant and gets rid of all that pesky dead skin.

Just soaking a washcloth in milk and placing it directly on the sunburn can help, or if you'd prefer, lather yourself in yogurt much as you would a lotion.

It probably won't completely relieve the pain, but should make it more tolerable and will be great for your skin.


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