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No, a Lottery Winner Didn't Dump Tons of Poop in His Boss's Yard

A story that started going viral yesterday has turned out to be fake news, but oh how we wanted this to be true.

I first saw it late last night in a friend's tweet.  A story of revenge from an Illinois Lottery winner who REALLY wanted to avenge the crap he got from his ex-boss....

With crap. Lots and lots of crap.

The gist of the story? A man won $125 Million in the lottery decided to use a hefty chunk of his newfound wealth to get even with a boss that he hated. So he allegedly paid $225,000 to dump 20 tons of manure on his boss's lawn.

"Brian Morris" was said to be standing across from his boss's lawn, watching the entire event and laughing. He admitted his wrongdoing to the police, was arrested and then released on bail.

The internet, needless to say, had discovered their new hero.

I mean, think about it!! We've ALL fantasized about doing something like this if we ever came into a little bit of money, but for a guy to actually have the cojones to do it? Magical.

The mugshot of "Brian" laughing made the story even that much better.

Except, because we can't have nice things, it turned out to not be true.

The mugshot in the story was actually of a man arrested in 2014 for DUI, and no manure-related crimes were committed by former lottery members.

Not that I would ever condone criminal activity, but I SO WANTED THIS TO BE TRUE.

Be honest, if you had the opportunity, would you do something like that to a boss you hated?

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