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A Live-Action Sonic the Hedgehog Movie is Coming

Fans of the old Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise are about to get a live-action version of their favorite character.

SEGA has confirmed that it's working with Paramount Pictures to bring Sonic to the big-screen in November 2019.

Very little is known about the movie, but we do know that it will contain both live-action sequences and CGI animation.  Deadpool director Tim Miller signed on as Executive Producer.  That's pretty much it.

I loved Sonic as a kid, but forgive me if I'm a little skeptical about this, because NAME A VIDEO GAME THAT MADE A GREAT MOVIE...

Okay, I'll give you one.  Tomb Raider did pretty well, but mostly because of Angelina Jolie.  Now, name another one.

Don't worry, I'll wait.

Meanwhile, the list of colossal video-game movie failures is quite lengthy.  Remember the movie DOOM? No? That's because no one saw it.

Even on the small screen video games haven't exactly turned in great success. What about the Super Mario Brothers Super Show? 

Even Sonic himself got a taste of film failure, as there was a short-lived Sonic the Hedgehog Saturday morning cartoon that lasted a whopping two seasons before it had the plug pulled on it.

So, are you excited about a Sonic movie?

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