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The Nashville Guide to National Doughnut Day

Tomorrow is my favorite unofficial national holiday - National Doughnut Day!!!

As has become the norm, there are tons of discounts and deals on America's (or at least mine) favorite treat.  But with so many doughnuts and so little time, how do you MAXIMIZE National Doughnut Day!?!?

Never fear, my friends, I have done the work for you and compiled the Ultimate Nashvillian's Guide to National Doughnut Day. 

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First of all, the caveat is that all of these spots are easily drivable in a short period of time, so apologies to any places I miss up in Clarksville or Bowling Green, but that's a long way to go even for the most dedicated doughnut connoisseur.  So here it is, your ultimate National Doughnut Day guide.

We'll start at one of the obvious choices...

Dunkin Donuts
326 Harding Place

While there may be one closer to you, we're choosing the Harding Place location for its proximity to other stops on this list.  Stop in for National Doughnut Day and get a free doughnut of your choice with the purchase of a beverage.

From Dunkin Donuts, it's a 5 mile (about 15 minute) drive to our next location...

2421 Powell Ave

This is in 100 Oaks, and acts as a really nice middle point between Dunkin and the next delicious house of glaze.  This one's quick and easy because there's no purchase required.  Just walk up to the bakery for a free glazed doughnut. Limit one per person.

From Wal-mart, it's just a hop skip and a jump to our next location...almost literally.  Just jump on Thompson Lane, drive about 5 minutes, and you'll land at

Krispy Kreme
408 Thompson Lane

Another quick in and out.  One free doughnut of your choice, no purchase necessary.  Since Wal-Mart only offers glazed doughnuts for free, maybe go for a flavor here (I love their blueberry cake doughnuts).  Between here and Wal-mart, you can easily have destroyed two yummy doughnuts in a matter of 10 minutes.

It's a good thing you just chowed down on those two doughnuts, because you've got about 15 or 20 minutes to your next destination to let the deliciousness digest.  Head down to Murfreesboro Road and hit up

Shipley's Do-Nuts
2626-C Murfreesboro Rd

Grab a free glazed doughnut with any purchase until noon.

Now, at this point you've consumed four doughnuts and likely a couple of beverages since you had to make a purchase at DD and Shipley's.  If you still want some more doughnut-y goodness, though, your next stop is going to be a bit of a drive away.

To be fair, as you head to Franklin, there IS another Dunkin' Donuts slightly off I-65 in Brentwood.  If you're really going for broke, you could stop off there and grab a quick fill-up.  Then head into downtown Franklin.

Five Daughters Bakery
The Factory at Franklin

There's not actually a National Doughnut Day deal at Five Daughters (trust me, I called), but honestly pay the money and just enjoy one of the best doughnuts you'll ever have in your life.

I mean, honestly, LOOK AT HOW GOOD THESE LOOK.

From there, head a bit down I-65 and end  your journey in my home town, Spring Hill, at a place that I've been frequenting for YEARS.

Daylight Donuts
4926 Port Royal Rd

Daylight is actually a midwestern chain.  I used to eat them all the time in the six years I lived in Oklahoma.  They just opened up a location in Spring Hill about 5 minutes from my house, and I'm not ashamed of how often I stop by on the way home because they are SO good.  For National Doughnut Day, you can get a half-dozen doughnuts for half-price, so you have a few to take home to the family (or hoard for yourself the next day). Grab yourself some Mule Town Coffee for the drive home while you're there.

Okay, so if you follow this map EXACTLY, you've driven about 40 miles, spent maybe 15 bucks, and chowed down five doughnuts with another half-dozen to take home.

I'd say that's efficient use of your time on a Friday.  Happy National Doughnut Day, and don't forget to bring me one! 

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