Nominate Nashville to Get Our Potholes Fixed

Okay, so the government is doing a really terrible job of fixing our roads.  Maybe Domino's Pizza can help!

Domino's is running a promotion called "Paving for Pizza" in which it's offering you a chance to nominate your town for a $5,000 grant to fix the potholes in your city.  They've already done this in Burbank, California and a few other towns across America.

Because "potholes are bad for pizza", they're allowing you to enter your town's zip code for a chance to help smooth out roads for their delivery drivers.

And, in case you forgot, Nashville's roads right now....SUCK.

So what do you way we all go to this website - - and nominate Nashville.  Pick a zip code - 37211? 37212? Those are all pretty close to I-440 right?

Okay, let's do that.  If the city won't fix our roads, Domino's can!

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