Amy Poehler Has Won 2018 With Her Response To Dumb Interview Questions

In case you weren't aware, this is Amy Poehler.

Getty Images: Jason Laveris

After getting her start on Saturday Night Live, Poehler marched into all of our hearts as the noble, lovable, and obnoxiously positive Leslie Knope on NBC's Parks and Recreation.  She's translated that fame into a force for the betterment of the world as an active ambassador for the Time's Up movement, equal pay for women, Autism Speaks, the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, and many many more.

So needless to say, when The Hollywood Reporter profiled Poehler as one of their 40 Most Powerful People in Comedy, she was not about to give some fluff-filled, cheesy interview answers.

Her friend and fellow SNL alum Rachel Dratch shared her answers, and OMG.

Not that we needed another reason to love Amy Poehler,  but these answers have given us one.

God bless Amy Poehler.  Treasure her.  Protect her.

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