The Nashville Airport is About to Look TOTALLY Different

Anyone who's been to BNA recently has seen how much construction is going on both inside and outside the airport.  As the airport expands into more of an international hub, the concessions and food options inside are among the biggest overhauls coming.

For years, travelers to Nashville have been greeted by some of Nashville's most famous brands - Tootsie's, Noshville, Parnassus Books, Whitt's Barbecue.  Many of those mainstays will likely NOT  be a part of the remodel.

According to an article printed by The Tennessean, the "BNA VIsion" plan would like to operate concessions under a developer deal as opposed to the current licensing deal.  Basically, right now, Tootsie's at BNA is only Tootsie's in name.  They license their name to a large concessions company and then partner with them to determine the menu and decor for the shop.  In return, they receive a portion of the annual revenue, but they are not responsible for staffing and operating the business. 

Under the new developer deal, a local business would subcontract from the developer and operate their own shops within the airport. Paranassus Books has already declined that option.

This doesn't mean that the Airport would be devoid of local brands, however.  Loveless Cafe, Pinewood Social, and M.L. Rose are among the 40 or so local business that have expressed interest in working under the development deal.

Other airport renovations include more parking, more terminals, added security lanes, an on-site hotel, and a significantly upgraded international arrivals facility.  Watch the video below to see the future of BNA

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