Could Bird Scooters Be Headed Back to Nashville?

Bird Scooters took over Nashville for about 23 seconds, but quickly disappeared after safety concerns derailed their stay in Music City.  But reports are that the company and the city are in talks to bring the scooters back to town soon.

Getty Images | Eric Baradat

The app-based "rent-a-scooter" company seemingly sprouted up out of nowhere just weeks before CMA Fest, but just as quickly disappeared as the city raised questions about safety and illegal parking and riding of the scooters.  

But, reports are that Nashville Metro and the Bird company are in talks to bring back the scooters, but with more stringent regulations designed to keep riders, pedestrians, and drivers all safe. Among the issues that need to be sorted out are new regulations pertaining the placement of the scooters and rules about using the scooters on sidewalks or in bike lanes.

I'll be honest - I LOVE the concept of Bird Scooters to get around, but I drove downtown during CMA Fest and saw a couple weaving in and out traffic, saw one nearly hit a pedestrian, and saw another person that was just REALLY struggling to figure out how to use one.  So I'm less concerned about the placement of the scooters and a lot more worried about people that have no business being on one.  Also, gotta think about the amount of alcohol being consumed in Downtown. Are there regulations about drunk scooting? I know it seems ridiculous, but these things all need to be figured out in my opinion.

What do you think the Bird scooters? Do you want them back in town or nah?

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