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McDonald's Will Start Selling Muffin Tops...No, Seriously

To counter slumping breakfast sales, McDonald's is stealing an idea straight out of an old episode of Seinfeld...Muffin Tops.

It sounds like a joke, but they've already tested the idea out once before in Pennsylvania stores.

Since announcing All-Day breakfast in 2015, McDonald's has undergone major transformations, including store re-models, a focus on fresh-not-frozen burgers, and even cashier-less stores like the one in Green Hills.

But in that time, breakfast sales have fallen by 10%, despite efforts like the "Weekend Warrior" pack, $2 cold brew coffees, and even a catering delivery experiment in Florida stores.

If the muffin top concept sounds vaguely familiar to some of our audience, look no further than a 1997 episode of Seinfeld, when Elaine cuts in on a fictional New York bakery selling exclusively "muffin tops".

While her fictional muffin top experiment didn't end so well, the writers of Seinfeld are surprised it's taken so long for someone to try to copy the concept.

In fact, the guy who wrote that specific episode took to the internet to ask for financial compensation from McDonald's for ripping his idea 21 years later. 

So Top of the Muffin TO YOU! Coming to a McDonald's near you soon.

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