Pop-Tarts Has Been Burying People on Twitter For Their Weird Combinations

Wendy's no longer holds on a monopoly on food-related Twitter trolling.  Pop-tarts has quietly been stepping up their game over the last few weeks, and their target? People who ruin Pop-Tarts.

Apparently, some monsters out there don't enjoy Pop-Tarts for the sake of a Pop-Tart.  Instead, they choose to ruin that frosted, toasted, goodness with extra seasoning, dip, cheese, or worse. And Pop-Tarts is NOT having it.

Basically, Pop-Tarts has had enough of your stupid ideas.  JUST EAT THE D**N POP-TART AND ENJOY IT IN THE STATE THAT GOD (AND KELLOGG'S) INTENDED.

To be fair, Pop-Tarts has been pretty strong at the Twitter game for a while:

But the recent trolling spree is next level, and I totally support the sass.


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