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This Woman Busted Her Cheating BF...Because of Jimmy John's

If you've ever discovered that your S/O was cheating on you, you know how awful that feels.  Now imagine finding out because of a sandwich. That's exactly what happened to Kayla Speer in Iowa.

This is Kayla, an alum of Iowa State University currently living in West Burlington, Iowa.

Kayla's boyfriend is in college a few hours away studying for finals, and because she's a bomb girlfriend, she decided to order food for him as a surprise.  The go-to delivery choice? Jimmy John's (of course).

So far the makings of a super sweet "I knew she was the one when ________" story, right?


The story takes a really strange and surprising turn.

This might not be altogether unusual...maybe they were calling to let her know the order was delivered or something like that, right?


Welp, that was unexpected.

This has to rank as the absolute worst way to find out your relationship is over, but thankfully Kayla's story has won the admiration of the internet, AND Jimmy John's is COMING THROUGH STRONG.


Kayla - we're glad you at least found out before the relationship got too much more serious.  

Jimmy John's FTW!

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