Nashville-Based "Bachelorette Weekend" Reality Show Starting Next Month

Just weeks after announcing the final run of episodes of the popular "Nashville" series, CMT is highlighting Music City again with a reality show centered around the one thing that we all love to hate...bachelorette parties.

The network just announced their new slate of shows, which includes "Bachelorette Weekend", a reality-show from the producers of "Jersey Shore" and "Party Down South".  They'll follow locally-based Bach Weekend, a company that aims to provide unique, one-of-a-kind experiences for bachelor and bachelorette parties being held in Nashville.  

So get ready for a heavy dose of pedal taverns, honky-tonking, and "Wagon Wheel" karaoke disasters.  The new series starts August 2nd, and needless to say the local reaction is...well...exactly what you would expect.

All jokes aside, this will once again shine the national spotlight on Nashville and hopefully be great for the economy.  

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