A New Ice Cream With....Veggies?!?!?

As a dad of a 2-year old that refuses to eat vegetables, this is the best news I've heard all week.  A new ice cream claims that they pack vegetables into every bite without ruining the taste.

Peek-a-boo Ice Cream was founded by a Mom who couldn't get her kids to eat veggies, so she started tinkering with ways to hide veggies in ice cream.  It's a concept that sounds pretty gross, but the company claims it doesn't affect the traditional taste of Ice Cream at all.

The ice cream comes in five flavors - Chocolate and Cauliflower, Cotton Candy and Beets, Mint Chip and Spinach, Strawberry and Carrot, and Vanilla Zucchini.  It can't be bought in stores yet, but retails online for $8.00 a pint (one pint contains four 250-calorie servings).

The founder, Jessica Levison, says the secret is using vegetables with fairly muted flavors and finding the right ice cream to pair them with.  

Each flavor is certified organic and, allegedly, tastes JUST LIKE REGULAR ICE CREAM.

I'm into it! I'd much rather hide my toddler's veggies in ice cream than watch him dump carrots on the kitchen floor over and over again in disgust.  Anybody tried this? How was it?

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