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Scared of Needles? Here's a New Way to Get Shots

For the millions of people (including my wife) that are scared of needles, getting shots is one of the worst things that can happen to you.  There's a new way being developed...but honestly I'm not sure if this is better or WAY more terrifying.

A startup called Rani Therapeutics has created an alternative to the traditional vaccine...a tiny capsule  that you swallow.

Easy, right? But wait.

Inside that capsule is a tiny needle.  The capsule opens inside your intestines and releases the needle that administers a dose of the medicine into your bloodstream.

Wait, I'm sorry...did you say it's RELEASING A NEEDLE INTO MY INTESTINES?!?!? HOW IS THAT BETTER?!?!

They say that the "swallowable needle" is totally safe and hurts less because there are less pain receptors in your intestine than on your skin.  The body flushes the needle out after it administers the medicine.

I'm sorry, though, I can't get past the SWALLOWING A TINY NEEDLE part of the conversation.

No thanks, I'll just stick to a prick on my arm and a Ninja Turtles Band-Aid.

Wanna read more about this potential new vaccination method? Read about it here

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