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This Dude Walked 20 Miles to Get to Work, So His Boss Gave Him a New Car

Walter Carr refused to be late or call in for his first day at work, so he did something that none of us would probably ever do.  He started walking at midnight to make sure he got there on time.

Walter had just been hired by Bellhops Moving Company in Birmingham, Alabama, but the night before his first day on the job his car broke down.  What would you have done? Called in? Been late? Taken an Uber?

Nope...Walter did something almost unthinkable.  He started walking towards the house of the family he was supposed to help move.

The Pelham, AL Police picked up Walter at about 4am and checked out his story.  Once they found out that he was legitimately walking 20 miles just to make a good first impression at work, they picked him up, took him to breakfast, and escorted him to the house in time for the move.

The story gets even more amazing from there.  Walter was born in New Orleans, but he and his mother relocated to Alabama after they lost their home in Hurricane Katrina.  He was a college student and a Marine. 

Jenny's post went viral, and quickly caught the attention of Bellhops' CEO Luke Marklin, who took action to show appreciation for the dedication actions of his newest employee - by gifting him with his own personal car - a 2014 Ford Escape.

Jenny (who originally shared the Facebook post) also started a GoFundMe page for Walter, which has garnered almost $12,000 in donations.

So next time you're sitting in traffic complaining about your commute to work, just remember that this college kid from Birmingham, Alabama walked 20 miles just to get to his job on time.

Yes, indeed, #TheWorldNeedsMoreWalters.

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