There's A Petition To Let People Drink From That Old Egyptian Sarcophagus

Just last week, researchers opened a mysterious 2,000-year old sarcophagus to find three skeletons, thought to be a family.  One appeared to have been hit in the head with an arrow or spear.

Also inside the sarcophagus was a bunch of reddish-brown liquid. While most people believe that it's some kind of raw sewage, others disagree.  And, because 2018 is sooooo extra, there is a petition signed by nearly 20,000 people that want to drink the "mummy juice".

While I sincerely hope it's a joke, this year is so weird that WHO KNOWS.  Would it be too crazy to think there's some strange cult of people that thinks the sarcophagus juice would give them some kind of magical powers or everlasting life?

Anyway, if you, for whatever reason, want to sign this petition that's sure to not accomplish anything, here it is. Mummy Juice Smoothies for everyone!

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