Obscure Netflix Hacks That Will Up Your Binge-Watching Game

Tired of being judged for your Netflix choices? Wanna watch on your phone while lying down? Can't seem to make a decision about your binge-watching preference each evening? Here's a few little-known Netflix hacks that will change your life.

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1. Delete your Netflix history - it's sort of like deleting your browser history, except in this case you're trying to hide the fact that you spent 9 hours in a row of Food Network shows.  It's actually pretty simple.  Open the "My Account" tab on your phone or desktop, scroll down to "My Profile" and "Viewing Activity".  It'll let you edit or delete your watching history there.

2. Keep Netflix from judging you - we've all been there.  Three hours and an entire bag of Doritos into the night and Netflix comes up with that dreaded message that makes you feel ashamed for your lack of productivity.  "Are you still watching?" And of course, you click yes, because SHAME BE DAMNED, but you inevitably feel a little guilty.  Well, feel guilty no more! You can turn off that feature with a Chrome extension called "Never Ending Netflix".  Download it here

3. Watch it sideways while lying down in bed - This sounds trivial, but there is an actual ailment called "streamer's neck" that this Chrome extension allegedly helps.  For Hardcore Netflixers only...Download it here

4. My personal favorite...Netflix Roulette - How many times do you spend 20 minutes just looking for something new to watch, and ultimately end up going back to watch The Office for the 8th time.  Solve that problem with Netflix Roulette - it's at ReelGood.com, and there's a feature that lets you choose a minimum rating and genre, then spits out an idea about what to watch next.

Happy Netflixing!! You're welcome for your changing your life with these hacks.

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