"Slow Dating" Is The Anti-Tinder And This Should Not Be a Thing

Single people who are sick of trying to find love on an app are resorting to a new practice called "slow dating"...which, well, is basically just dating before apps existed.

Getty Images/NurPhoto

But, for some reason, the Wall Street Journal has found "slow dating" newsworthy.

They interview a woman in Texas named Susan who tried "slow dating". She met a guy at a swing dancing event...gave him her phone number (GASP! An actual phone number!)...and...wait for it...THEY'RE GOING OUT ON A REAL DATE.

If you think this is weird, you should, because this is essentially just called "dating".  Why we have to call it "slow dating" is beyond me, because this is literally how relationships were born before Tinder and Bumble existed.

But, apparently, it's a thing, and it's so groundbreaking that there's a movement to quit apps for "slow dating". 

Wow. What a concept.

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