Are Bears Moving Closer to Nashville?

When you think of bears in Tennessee, you probably think of the Smoky Mountains, right? But if a recent picture is any indication, black bears are moving closer and closer to the Nashville Metro.

A bear was spotted two weeks ago in Joelton, in the northwestern part of Davidson County, and that marks the second bear sighting in Middle Tennessee this month.  However, it's the first bear sighting recorded in Davidson County since the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency began tracking bears in the 1970s. It's believed that there haven't been black bears in the area since the late 1800s.

Experts believe the black bear population is expanding it's footprint in Tennessee, but don't expect them to be widely seen in Davidson County any time soon, making this sighting especially rare.

But be aware! The TWRA says that it's certainly possible for bears to the Eastern part of our listening area - areas like McMinnville, Woodbury, and Smithville perhaps.

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