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People Are Re-Watching American Pie and Getting Offended

Let's face it - if you grew up in the 90s, American Pie was a movie you just watched.  Probably multiple times.  And you loved it.

Come on, name a more quotable movie from the early 2000s.  Go ahead, I'll wait.

I mean, come on, what other movies can boast as many quotes about band camp, senior year, public bathrooms, and high school parties as the entire American Pie franchise?

I'll tell you what other movies.


American Pie is a classic.

But a younger generation is going back and re-watching the original American Pie movie, and let's just say many of them don't share my nostalgia for Jason Biggs stripteasing dirty-minded Shannon Elizabeth in one of the most iconic teen movie scenes ever.

In fact, some people are just downright offended.

The basis of their arguments is that the movie's humor is sexist against women, implying that only men can enjoy sex.  There are also homophobic jokes (mostly from Stiffler), and the overall depiction and objectification of women falls short of today's standards. Not to mention the scene where a woman is secretly filmed stripping and broadcast all over the internet.

Translation: American Pie was funny back in the 90s, but in the culture that we live in today it's a little cringey.

But here's the thing - go back and watch movies and TV from that era.  Friends - freaking FRIENDS - considered by many to be the greatest sitcom of all time - has come under fire for anti-LGBTQ language.  The Office thrives on humor that might be considered offensive by some.

So, humor has changed over 20 years?? YOU DON'T SAY.  

That's probably why my generation doesn't find very many shows from the 60s and 70s funny or relevant.  Just a thought.

Others online have jumped to the rescue of American Pie, pointing out the obvious - if you don't like it...don't watch it. 

Sorry guys - it may be offensive but I still laugh every time.  Long live American Pie!! 

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