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Axe-Throwing Is Coming to Downtown Nashville!

A couple of months ago we mourned the loss of one of Lower Broadway's local staples - Paradise Park Trailer Resort.  Surely, it'll just become another honky-tonk named after a famous country singer, right? Another distinctly tourist destination that has nothing to offer for locals, perhaps.

But, we've been proven wrong!!

Strategic Hospitality, who operated Paradise Park for years and also oversees Pinewood Social, Bastion, and Catbird Seat, among other properties, has announced their plans for the property at 411 Broadway, and honestly it sounds kind of awesome.

The Downtown Sporting Club will open in the Spring of 2019 and will feature a total re-vamp of the former Paradise Park.  And true to many of the new hotspots in downtown Nashville, each floor will offer something a little different.

The first floor will feature a trendy restaurant and bar, along with a Crema coffee shop.

The second floor...and this is where it gets fun...will be called "The Rec Room".  A huge projection-screen TV will stream sports around the clock, old-school games will be available, and...wait for it...AXE THROWING!!!

Yes! Freaking AXE-THROWING is coming to Lower Broadway. 

It will actually be the second axe-throwing location in Nashville, with the other one on Gallatin Ave in East Nashville, but this will be the first location in downtown.

With multiple lanes and a full staff including coaches, it's sure to be an amazing experience.  Although we would highly recommend not doing the axe-throwing thing after a long night on Broadway.

The third floor of the former Paradise Park will be a small set of short-term rentals/hotel rooms for people who want to spend the night, be it customers or guest chefs/VIPs for Downtown Sporting Club.

The new venue will also feature a small rooftop that the owners describe as "garden-inspired".

Check out more about Downtown Sporting Club here

So who's excited for axe-throwing on Broadway!?!?! 

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