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This 'Stranger Things' Maze Is Probably Worth a Trip To Florida

Universal Studio's "Halloween Horror Nights" is adding a new feature in 2018, and it takes you to the tiny town of Hawkins, Indiana.

A Stranger Things maze will be a part of the Halloween festivities at both Universal Orlando and Hollywood, and they just released a first look at the attraction.

Halloween Horror Nights opens up next Friday, September 14th, and while the "trailer" doesn't show too much of it, here's what we can gather from pictures that have popped up online

1. You will 100% find yourself in Joyce Byers' living room, surrounded by Christmas Lights and her ouija board wall to communicate with the Upside Down.

2. It looks like Will's bedroom, where the Demogorgon entered this realm, will definitely be a stop in the maze, and apparently so too will Hawkins Lab, where of course something incredibly bad happened to Eleven prior to her escape.

3. You'll have to pass through the hallway of Hawkins Middle School, the scene of some of the most pivotal points in the series (no spoiler alerts but HELLO DEMOGORGON VS ELEVEN). And while I can't be certain, I'd bet a paycheck that something is coming from behind that corner.

The only thing that the maze seems to be missing is Barb.


Oh, poor, dear, sweet Barb, we miss you so.

Either way, I haven't been to Orlando in a long time and I feel like a visit is long overdue.

Who's coming with us!?!

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