Nick Carter Reveals His Wife Suffered A Miscarriage

Much love going to our good friend and former Nashvillian Nick Carter, who's family is going through the unthinkable right now.

Nick revealed yesterday afternoon that his wife, who was just a few months pregnant with a little girl, suffered a miscarriage.

Getty Images/Noam Galai

We consider Nick a very close friend of the station.  He's an incredibly talented musician, and most importantly a genuinely great human being with a deeply rooted faith.

I'm heartbroken for Nick, Lauren, and Odin, as a friend and also as a fellow Dad who's been through the same thing on multiple occasions.  Knowing you're going to have a baby is one of the most joyful, hopeful feelings you share as a couple, and having that elation taken away in the snap of a finger is one of the most gut-wrenching, deeply saddening things you can experience.

It's ESPECIALLY hard when you're as far in as Lauren was.  You've already found out the gender of the baby, maybe picked out a name, started designing the nursery, gotten all your friends and family excited for the new arrival, and then poof...gone.  

Nick, we're praying for you and your wife, man.  It's one of the hardest things you'll ever have to live through, but you'll come out stronger on the other side and that baby will always hold a special place in your hearts.  "Thoughts and prayers" don't mean a thing, but know that you have them coming from us.

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