Here's Everything We Know About Apple's New iPhones

Apple unveiled this year's new iPhone products in a BIG announcement today...emphasis on the word big.

Starting this Friday you can preorder the iPhone Xs, the iPhone Xs Max, or the iPhone Xr. They'll be set to ship on September 21st.

The iPhone Xs is the direct upgrade to last year's $1,000 iPhone X, with upgrades to the camera and processor, a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge screen, and an OLED screen that's a little brighter and higher quality.  

The XS Max is basically the same thing, but with a ridiculous 6.5-inch display that dwarfs even the largest of hands.  It will retail for $1,099.

The Xr is a lower cost version of the XS Max.  It has a slightly smaller screen (6.1 inches), but the display is LCD as opposed to the higher-quality OLED display.  The Xr will also come in a bunch of different colors, as opposed to the gold, silver, or space gray offered on the XS phones.  It will retail for $749 starting on October 19th.

Oh, but for the record, no, Apple did not fix that one annoying problem that plagues iPhones...

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