This Thing Lets You Drink Wine In the Shower

Ever been taking a shower and thought "Man, I really wish I had a glass of wine in here?" Well, fret not, wine-lover. This product is here to save the day.

Urban Outfitters just started selling the "Sipski" Shower Wine Glass for $15.  Yes, you heard that correctly...a wine glass that's safe for the shower.

Stay with me here.  The Sipski is a basically a waterproof wine glass that fits into a plastic holder, which subsequently suctions to the wall of the shower.

Functional? Totally.

Necessary? Probably not.

I totally get the idea here.  Everyone loves to drink a good glass of Merlot while soaking in the tub.  But IN THE SHOWER? Like, how badly do you need that wine that you can't wait until you're out of the shower? And how long are you showering? 

But no judging.  If you just can't bear the thought about waiting until you're out of the shower to start chugging wine, the Sipski might just be for you.

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