Nashville Police Arrest Man Who Threatened To Kill Taylor Swift

A Texas man who had allegedly written over 40 threatening letters to Taylor Swift was arrested in Nashville on August 2nd, and has now been charged with interstate stalking and sending interstate communications with the intent to threaten.

Getty Images/Alexander Tamargo

26-year old Eric Swarbick started sending threatening letters to Taylor's record label, Big Machine Records, back in January. The original letter sent to Scott Borchetta simply asked for him to introduce him to Taylor, but they became increasingly threatening and violent as the year went on, even threatening to kill her or to kill himself in front of the staff of Big Machine.

He was arrested on August 2nd trying to hand-deliver another letter to the Big Machine offices.

He's being held in Texas currently but will be transferred to Nashville soon, according to The Tennessean

This is awful, and we're so glad this dude is  behind bars and can't hurt anyone!

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