Nashville Singer Sued For Using Mural In Her Video

Christian artist Hollyn filmed a video in front of a popular Nashville mural, but the artist who painted it isn't happy about it.

The 21-year old Christian singer, who signed to Tobymac's Gotee Records after gaining popularity on American Idol, filmed a video for her song "Hola!" in front of the colorful mural at 12th and Laurel.

The painter of that mural, Jason Woodside, claims that Hollyn didn't have permission to use the mural in her video, and he is suing her and her company for all profits earned from the video and merchandise related to it.

I mean, I'm all for intellectual property and not taking credit for other people's work...but doesn't this seem a little like just a scheme to get quick cash? Surely this 21-year old artist isn't trying to make people believe that she painted this mural.  The mural is beautiful, colorful, and without knowing anything about this singer, I imagine it represents something very important to her. So why punish someone for the fact that they wanted to show off your art in a different form? I would imagine that crediting this dude in the video, or settling with him for a small amount of money, should suffice.  But asking for the ENTIRE profit from their work? That seems sketchy to me.

What do you think? Is this artist in the right? Or a little overkill with his request?

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