Homeless Man in Nashville Makes GORGEOUS Art on Cardboard

It's no secret that Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in America. With that population boom also comes a substantial growth in the area's homeless population.  While statistics claim about 2,300 homeless persons in the Nashville area, advocates estimate that number to be closer to 20,000 - with thousands living in cars, motels, or camps.

One of them recently gained the attention of local Nashville Reddit user u/lionhart44.  The man, who has been identified by commenters as "Chuck", had drawn a picture of the Nashville skyline on a piece of cardboard.

And it is ART.

Evidently, the man lives in the Brentwood area in a camp, and shows up around local businesses from time to time, but did anyone know he could draw like this!?!?

And on CARDBOARD, which can't be the easiest canvas.  Somebody find this man and give him an easel and some real art tools! 

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